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April 22nd, 2015 by in Products

I have long been a fan of podcasts, mainly due to the ease of subscribing and then listening whenever I want, on any device I want. It has been a very on and off thing though, as I tend to subscribe to too many and then have loads in the unplayed section, sitting there staring at me. Much like when you see an inbox with thousands of unread emails, it makes you close the application and ignore the problem even more.

Fortunately I am not like that with email, so my aim was to not be like that with podcasts.

Since finding a new app for podcasts on android called Pocket Casts, who also offers a fantastic online player so you can listen within your browser, I have started the subscribe to everything route again. That was until yesterday when I finally looked at the 200 episodes unplayed and decided to mark all as listened, and then delete the podcasts which I never planned on listening to.

Pocket Casts

The following are the podcasts which have survived the deletting.

Music Podcasts

I listen to music pretty much the whole day whilst I am working, but occasionally I do get the time to listen to recommendations and general chitter chatter from the guys over at AbsolutePunk and Mark Hoppus from Blink-182. Both podcasts are easy going and tend to discuss the music I am most interested in. I’ve not really looked for any others in this market due to these fulfilling all the needs I have.

General Podcasts

This is the list which I really had to cut down on, I was subscribing to every podcast which sounded slightly interesting. Then only ever got around to listening to Reply All and Stuff You Should Know. I discovered Reply All from listening to the StartUp podcast, which are both produced by Gimlet Media. Replay All is great because it is about the most random things, which always turn into really interesting conversations and interviews. The other week I learnt about the most famous dog in the world, pretty pointless information? Yes. But highly entertaining when walking the dog.

Stuff You Should Know popped up in the most downloaded list within Pocket Casts and sounded cool, after a couple of memorable episodes on making tea and terraforming, I was hooked.

Business Podcasts

The main culprit of all the unplayed episodes was Entreprenuer on Fire, with 1 episode being released everyday, it is hard to keep up with. Despite this, the enthusiastic approach by the host, the interview and the short run time of only around 20mins (I speed up all podcasts to 1.5x speed), you can never get tired of anyone.

From Entrepreneur on Fire I found Hack the Entrepreneur, a similar type show with less episodes per week and a more laid back approach. Again the best part about this podcast is that it isn’t too long, meaning it is ideal for walking the dog in the afternoon, and the interviews are always interesting.

Build & Launch is a newer podcast I have been listening to which chronicles Justin Jackson building and releasing a different project every week. Short 10min episodes with lots of inspiration and educational points.

Online Marketing Made Easy. I’m not too sure how I found this one, but it is packed with information on marketing through social media, email newsletters and content creation. Although I feel that I am not at the stage to implement many of the ideas Amy Porterfield mentions, they are all being mentally marked down to build upon in the future.

Another Entrepreneur type podcast, with Startups for the Rest of Us being very similar to Hack the Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur on Fire. It is always nice to hear a different set of questions being asked by different interviewers though.

Smart Passive Income is a blog I have followed for a long time, being one of the main inspirations for starting niche blogs back in the day. I still visit the website on occasion and make sure I listen to each new episode of the podcast.

Rounding up the Podcasts

A small insight into my podcast listening habits today. These are the ones I get around to listening to the most often and find allowing me to expand my knowledge in many areas.

If you have any podcasts to recommend, please leave a comment. I may update this post, or do a new one in the future, if I find some more shows to listen to.

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