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May 22nd, 2015 by in Projects

I have always had the problem of starting too many projects at the same time. I sit down to work on one, think of an idea and then get carried away with researching and creating that idea, even now whilst writing this down and concentrating on creating an article for SoPlayNice I have stumbled into my thought process of how I could expand on this post in terms of a full blown website.

I will continue to write this first before scribbling anything else down into the notebook in front of me though.

As I am always thinking of other ideas, I find it hard to decide where to put all my projects. For example, I have been in the process of making a couple of HTML Templates the last few weeks, and it is going well, apart from choosing where to release them. Do I just stick them up for free downloads on, or do I create a separate website for them to try and do a niche in which to offer free HTML and CSS Templates. I still haven’t come up with the solution and therefore they haven’t been released.

Sneak Peak

You can have a sneak peak though at Colour Junction though. It is till pretty much in a basic HTML form, but I have split it up into the WordPress Template structure, ready to implement the loop and other important features for the content management system. Just make sure you are looking at it on a full screen, anything below that and it is still in the stages where it will break!

Just Publish Them

It comes to a point where certain projects have been sitting there for too long, long enough for you to forget about them completely. In many ways that might show you it just was not good enough to be released. But without releasing them, how do you know that?

That is why recently I’ve been finishing off all these projects in my spare time, getting them up and thinking about improvements as an after thought. Depending on how well they do.

I’ve got niche websites which are half built, I’ve spent the time getting that far, I may as well publish them. For the £10 a year it costs for the domain, you might as well use that year as a testing period.

Fear Factor

Where Should I Release My Project?

Sometimes we don’t want to release a project due to what others might think of it. But half the time people you know won’t even know about it. I could ask anyone and they wouldn’t know a single name of one of my niche websites. The only one people knew was my cat website which I got rid of years ago, and I only brought that up as a talking point at University!

Release it, do the marketing you feel it needs. That marketing never needs to go past the anonymous point. All it has to be is setting up a new Twitter or Facebook page and then sharing it with people in ways which don’t involve your name.

Publishing the Project in the Wrong Place

If one project does take off, then it may come to the point that you realise the initial launch was a mistake, in regards to where you did it. This is why the internet is so great though, we can set up redirects in a matter of minutes, let people know of a name change through email newsletters and social media. It is not an ideal situation, but for many projects, it shouldn’t affect you at all. If the website, product or service is good enough, loyal customers will follow and you can take off without a hitch.

Getting your work out there is the biggest struggle. We all think that everything we hit publish on could change the world. Turns out, it won’t. It isn’t a way to discourage, its a way to accept that we aren’t being watched all the time and we should just keep pushing until we do something which others notice.

Now I need to go and finish that niche website project I’ve been sitting on for the last 8 months…

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