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Simon James - Web Designer Derbyshire - SoPlayNice


Hi I’m Simon James. Web Designer and Developer.

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iCheev is an interactive online collaboration toolkit, providing a personal coach, making it quicker and easier for you to get the results that you want.

iCheev was the main project that I worked on whilst on a placement year at Go MAD Technology. The websites aim is to provide a place for people to think and involve others in that thinking process. With this in mind the design for the website needed to be clean and easy to use from a User Experience point of view.

My Human Resource Management

Both My Organisational Behaviour and My HRM (Human Resource Management) Book were set up in my first year at Loughborough University to help with my revision for two the two modules I was taking under the same name. The idea came from not wanting to write down all my notes and then throw them away straight after the exam, by typing them up and putting them online I could do something I enjoyed in making a website, learn the content of the exams whilst doing so, and hopefully provide a resource for others in the same position as myself.

I sold a website on Flippa¬†a few months ago and decided to do a little guide of the process I went through to put the website for auction and then the process of handing over that website once it was sold. Firstly though, how much should you sell your website for? When I went into […]

I am in the middle of redesigning SoPlayNice. It’s an attempt to add more features and spruce it up a little bit. Not only so I can show off some more skills to potential clients and employers, but also because I’m fed up of looking at the image on the homepage. As with most websites […]

I finally spent some time the other day setting up two-factor authentication on all the account I have which have the option. I feel that I’ve always had quite a good password strategy, and so far haven’t had any serious issues with people getting into any of my accounts. I say serious here, as I […]

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