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I sat down to review SoPlayNice with the WordPress Theme Checker, thinking I had come to a good point in the development of this theme and website, a point where after a few checks I could push the button and take off the Maintenance Mode Plugin I have been using since deciding on WordPress being the platform of choice for my Portfolio and Homepage.

Then it struck me, no content, not a single word on paper to put up with the release.

I’m as happy as I can be with my Portfolio design, I say it like that because after a couple of weeks I am bound to start tweaking and playing around again, but for now, the design is there, at completion and ready to go. Yet, you can’t release a brand new website without any content.

Searching around my DropBox with the hope there was an introduction was a lost cause, I found some articles which need finishing off to put up each week, but no introduction, nothing to present to any users.

That has led us here, to a Welcome Post, an article with no true meaning apart from to say welcome to the new SoPlayNice, the first SoPlayNice, a version I have been working on some time now and this week decided to sit down, finish everything off and get it out there.

This website is my Homepage, a personal point of call for all of my Projects, Freelance Work, Entrepreneurial Journeys and a place to discuss these interests of mine.

Please take a look around and if you would like to ask me a question or work with me, head over to the contact form or send me a quick message on Twitter.

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