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Using to Write Articles Distraction Free

January 21st, 2015 by in Products

I starting using Draft about a year ago when I was trying to find a distraction free way to start writing my dissertation. Microsoft Word and Google Docs have their uses, feature rich and the spelling and grammar checking is essential when writing a large document which is going to determine 30% of your final year. Yet the interfaces of both of them didn’t match what I wanted to write with, and after spending a year working with code out in industry, I wanted a platform which would save every little change I made to my document, version control was a must.

This is when I stumbled upon I’m not so sure how, but after reading around and signing up, it became an instant hit for me to quickly type up ideas and come back later to edit them in more detail, whilst looking at comments and references I had made.

The appearance editing options were also a massive help, as not only did they offer a dark option for me to type in, they offer whatever I want with an easy to use colour editor for both the background and the text. You can even change the font type and size if you would like.

Unfortunately after I completed my dissertation I completely forgot about Draft, with not needing to do writing every day of the week it didn’t seem needed.

That was until today, whilst trying to write an article for this website, I needed an area free of distraction. Somewhere I could stick some music on and whilst that was spinning, the screen in front of me would be dark, with a few words coming out each minute.

I couldn’t recommend a writing application more. Although this is a small article, I have managed to write a further 1,000 words in about an hour on a number of future articles for SoPlayNice.

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