Design and Development for Derbyshire County Show started as my Final Year Project at University. The requirements were to produce a program, website or report which furthers the research of the University and Computing in general. Due to me being on the Computing and Management course, it was recommended that my project was with a client, to ensure that the Management side of the course was included.

Derbyshire County Show kindly let me take control of their website redesign and redevelopment and therefore I had a project for University and a project which was in line with the Design and Development jobs I was carrying out on the side of my studies.

Aims and Objectives

The main aim, as with a lot of web design projects was to bring the organisations website up to current standards, in terms of making the website responsive, easy to read and most importantly easy to manage for the members of the organisation. With this in mind WordPress was chosen early on due to its easier to use dashboard and editing features, and my experience with the Content Management System enabled me to create a small guide and offer email support when the client was having problems.


I now serve as a consultant to Derbyshire County Show on their online presence. This includes maintaining and monitoring the ecommerce side of the website and consulting when anything needs changes to be made.

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