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Farewell Educational Niches - SoPlayNice


Farewell Educational Niches

April 8th, 2015 by in Projects

I’ve nearly come to the end of selling My Organisational Behaviour and My HRM Book, all that is left is for the money to leave escrow and end up in my account. It wasn’t a big website sale, I’m not rich from it or even really better off, but it was the time to let them go.

I set up My Organisational Behaviour when I was studying the subject in my first semester at University in 2010, I needed a way to revise and the best way I could think of doing that was making a website which had all my notes on, by typing them all up I would have to keep reading over them, and by having them online, I could access them whenever I wanted and hopefully other people would do.

Although one of the main intentions was to help others, from my experience with starting some niche websites in the years before, I knew that if I got enough people visiting the site it could make me a bit of beer money, especially if I reccomened the correct books to buy through Amazon Affiliates.

Once the site was set up and I had emailed my lecturer telling her about it, hundreds flocked the website and although the bounce rate was high and the average time spent on the website was only around 2 minutes, the site was being used and some pounds were rolling in each week. I said then and I carried on saying, as long as the website paid for itself, it was to stay. Luckily it did make some profit, and because of that I decided to do a website for my next module with the same lecturer – My HRM Book was born.

I carried out the same tasks of writing up my notes, occasionally writing out some questions and I also added a couple of my model answers with the hope others would do the same. With a community around the place, the websites were surely going to perform better. It didn’t happen, I finished the modules and didn’t have much interest in them anymore and the websites sat there, occasionally getting a face-lift to try and increase the Adsense click through, but most of all sitting and serving those who still came along.

I’d considered selling the websites before, but felt they weren’t quite good enough even to get anything. During the end of 2014 I took them on a massive update, a new design with the Divi 2.0 theme, a new social media presence and updated content. Each page was updated to include the main definitions at the top and then questions at the bottom to get the user thinking, this was meant to be a revision tool after all.

Luckily all this work wasn’t in vain and the adsense earnings went up with the visitors going up as well. Then I sat down and tried to decide how I would run the blog, I purchased one article from Fiverr and then decided that I just hadn’t got the motivation to carry on trying to improve the websites, I wasn’t too interested in the topic and felt I had done all I could for them.

So onto Flippa they went, as one listing because My Organisational Behaviour performs so much better than My HRM Book in terms of visitors and revenue. I set the reserve at $750, not really knowing what it would go for but aiming high and starting the listing at $1. 10 Days later there had been 2 bids with 4 days left.

Eventually it went unsold as it didn’t meet my reserve, which I did lower to $500. An offer of $200 came in and I sold for $250 after some negotiating. Not much but it probably takes the website about a year to earn that, with a bit more effort probably half a year, but there was no point in keeping something which i was going to let die.

Over the coming weeks I am going to look into the process of selling a website to help anyone else out there who wants to, it is quite straight forward, but as always with selling online, you need to be wary of who is buying.

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