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Being Happy with your Work - SoPlayNice


Being Happy with your Work

March 25th, 2015 by in Routine and Habits

I’ve just spent 15mins staring at SoPlayNice and thinking about what I want to change, whether I need to change it and whether changing it will actually make a difference.

It always happens when designing for yourself, you have to sign off on everything yourself and don’t have any outside influences, which of course means that over-analysis happens. It happens quite often when I visit my own websites, I stare and try and think of how something could be improved. Then I decided if I do change that today, I will surely be thinking the same thing when I look again tomorrow.

It’s the same when writing these words for the articles section, I spend a lot of time thinking whether people care or not, whether people will read the article or it will get ignored like most things on the internet.

In many ways I’d rather it be ignored, but deep down everyone wants to push the publish button on a piece of work and it to be read the world over. So why would I say there is a moment, a thought, that I would want it to be ignored. An ignored articles gets no emails, it gets no comments, it doesn’t get a response in anyway, which means you can’t upset anyone or have to justify any part of the work you have done.

Then again the most important bit is getting the work out there, in the most part it will never be seen, even if you have a strong following and get those initial looks and stares, if the work isn’t good enough it will probably fade away and a new project will take over. It isn’t like a small website about Organisational Behaviour is going to start a war.

It’s the reason I’m still doing the 150 Words a day, it doesn’t matter too much what I get down, it’s the building of the habit and getting something down which I might enjoy reading in a few years time. It’s the same reason I’m writing this whilst feeling that it doesn’t really go anywhere, I want to be consistent with when I post and why I post. Which is why I have hit publish on this after missing a week, because that is not good enough.

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